The fifth national dance's festival
"Eastern Starfalling"

The fifth national dance festival “Eastern Starfalling” was held on April 17 of 2009. Our goals and objectives always rise. 5 years have passed since the festival was created. That’s why this festival was so to say a report event where all choreographical groups of national and folklore dance performed.
We counted 200 participants. It was a 3 hour concert containing 2 parts. Choreographical and dance groups from different parts of our country and some eastern states, and of course Irina Kozyreva’s Studio took part in this festival.
It was so beautiful! So many national and folklore dances of various peoples!!!
This is so touching when people of different nationalities gather under one roof! They are all united by one thing – the love to the art of dancing!
All this is a secret of eternal life,
But dance is everlasting as love…